10 Beautiful and Creative World Records

Guinness world records

There are plenty of completely non-sense records in the world – like largest hamburger or the most tattooed body.

But when it comes to art and creativity, anything seems to make sense.

So here are 10 largest and tiniest masterpieces created recently:

1. World Largest Sand Carpet

A group of Iranian artists have created the world’s largest sand carpet.
The unique 39,370.078 square foot (12,000 sq. meter) world record carpet was created by 25 visual artists made entirely of 70 types of colorful sand. (source: lifeinthefastlane.ca)

Largest sand carpet

Largest sand carpet

2. World Tallest Sand Castle

Speaking of sand, the world tallest sand castle (31 feet 7 inches) was created back in Maine in 2007:

World tallest sand castle

3. World Largest Published Book

The 133-pound book entitled “Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Kingdom” is five by seven feet, 112 pages, needs a gallon of ink for printing, and costs $2,000 to produce (source: images.businessweek.com).

Largest published book

4. World Largest Puzzle

The puzzle is more than 100ft high and fills the entire external wall of the residential building in the city of Lvov. Clues to the crossword are scattered around the city’s major landmarks and attractions including parks, fountains, and theatres. (source: telegraph.co.uk)

World largest puzzle

5. World Largest Ice Santa

160 meter long and 24 meter high Santa Claus created in December 2008 in China is said to be the largest ice Santa in the world, complete with beard and hat (source: weirdasianews.com).

Largest ice santa

6. World Largest Snow Sculpture

Speaking of snow and sculptures, the world largest one was built in Harbin, China. The sculpture is about 115 feet (35 m) high and 656 feet (200 m) long! (source: neatorama.com)

World largest sculpture

7. World Largest Painting:

David Aberg’s 86,000-square-foot painting “Mother Earth” took the artist 2 1/2 years and 100 tons of paint to complete (source: msnbc.msn.com)

World Largest Painting

8. Largest Chinese Silk Painting

“The Great Motherland of China” which hangs in the atrium of the Island Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong is the largest Chinese silk painting in the world. The tapestry is 15 stories tall and is visible from the hotel’s glass elevators (source: businessweek.com).

largest silk painting

9. World Smallest Artworks

Sculptures (by British artist Willard Wigan) can be as small as 0.005 mm (0.0002in) tall. In 2007 the artist sold his collection to entrepreneur David Lloyd.

Smallest artworks

Smallest artworks

10. World Smallest Teddy Bear

Mini the Pooh made by German sculptor Bettina Kaminski is only 5mm high.

Smallest teddy bear

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