13 “Extremely” Romantic Places to Get Married

If you are planning to get married shortly, are 200% sure of your love, and are ready to overcome hardships together with your partner, this post is for you. We’re going to show you 13 of the most extreme and romantic places to get married! What makes them even more attractive is the fact that most likely your relatives won’t even want to join you on your special occasion. Besides, the cool and unforgettable honeymoon is guaranteed — well, of course if you manage to survive.

1. Inside a cage on a shark reef

Photo by StJenna

Photo by g-na

Photo by WIlly Volk

2. Jumping with a parachute

Photo by alwaysmnky

Photo by Luke Miles

Photo by soundingblue

3. On the top of some high mountain

Photo by Dean_In_SF

Photo by Mendhak [민다ᄏ]

Photo by Stuck in Customs

Photo by alles-schlumpf

4. At the South Pole

Photo by Beverly & Pack

Photo by sandwichgirl

Photo by Eye 4 It

5. Deep in a cave under the ground

Photo by Stuck in Customs

Photo by Erik K Veland

Photo by elmas156

6. In outer space

Photo by feastoffun.com

Photo by Stefan Söderström

Photo by Ha-Wee

7. Floating on a rough river

Photo by Zevotron

Photo by Charlie Brewer

Photo by QuiteLucid

8. In a jungle

Photo by www.bluewaikiki.com

Photo by mckaysavage

Photo by Grizzly Anderson

9. In a military submarine

Photo by MATEUS_27:24&25

Photo by Analog Weapon

Photo by akabilk

10. In the middle of the desert

Photo by CairoCarol

Photo by Hussain Isa

Photo by John-Morgan

11. In a labyrinth

Photo by vgm8383

Photo by greekadman

Photo by Howard▼Gees

12. On an alligator farm

Photo by DeusXFlorida

Photo by DeusXFlorida

Photo by DeusXFlorida

13. At a long-awaited premiere of a film

Photo by TheeErin

Photo by christopherharte

Photo by David.R.Carroll

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  • Cool idea for a post…though I was hoping you’d have examples / references that people have actually been married while doing this stuff.

  • What a fuc*ing joke this post. It’s as if you wanted to give meaning to some cool pictures you had laying around and you, for some reason, had to give them a theme. None of these come remotely close to being romantic wedding destinations.

    Next time, dumb your pictures on one page and call it “Oh hai guise! Look I gots cool pictures”

    • Anom, that’s a post just for fun and that’s why I called it “extremely” romantic places as the wedding in any of the places from above is guaranteed to be an “extreme” one. And if you just imaging the couple in any of those places it would make you smile )

    • stop being a hater, just because these dont seem like YOUR ideal places to get married doesnt mean you have to ruin them for everyone else. i strongly suggest you delete your post as its an insult to this wonderful website, and its offensive to look at.

  • I agree with Anom.What is so romantic about an alligator farm. And the desert would be a hot sandy mess. Nothing romantic about a movie premiere. Nice pictures but not where I would want my wedding.

  • Ignore the haters, this is a totally awesome article, I would suggest though that you rename it places to propose maybe? as some of these places would be a little awkward.

    anyway, great, fascinating article, and the pictures are great too, each one would make a great wallpaper.

  • i like all picture in your blog. according to your blog these place are very romantic for lover and for honey moon but i already married but i want visit these place with my wife, son and daughter. i like mountain and jungle activities. i afraid for rafting. any way thank you very much for posting these amazing places picture

    best regard
    Nepal Treks